Monday, 1 April 2013

Why the weather is so unpredictable!

The CCC (Climate Change Commission) has published it latest in depth report on the change in world wide weather patterns. Whilst there has already been much speculation and research on the causal and effects of climate change. With either global warming or global cooling being blamed for all kinds of unseasonal weather in various parts of the world. There is also a following for an eccentric global cooling phenomena. Where the previously warmer parts of the world are seen to be growing slightly cooler.

The CCC has produced evidence of what is being described as GTND (Global Temperate Normality Dysfunction) The research highlights a seasonal change between warm and cold weather following a predictable trend measurable over a period of a year. The research points to a cooling period that starts in the northern hemisphere around October. There is a warming period that starts again around April the following year. There are often shortening and lengthening of each of the major periods. With some short temperature fluctuations and cloud cover correlating with increased precipitation events. There is a further correlation between night time temperatures that often tend to be lower than the daytime mean temperatures. This phenomenon can occur at any time throughout the year.

One very significant trend that is being investigated by the CCC is the increase in the much dryer (alpine type) powder snow that is falling at lower levels than had been observed previously. There is once again a distinct correlation between the amount of alpine powder snow and the length of average icicle formation which has increased by an astonishing 1.2% in the last decade. The formation of ice on the canals and rivers throughout Europe has seen a significant increase in the last three years. Other bodies of water such as the south and central Atlantic has seen a gradual reduction in shoreline ice formation.


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