Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tesco's 'curfew tagged' prisoners.

Tesco is requiring its warehouse staff and drivers to wear electronic armbands that can monitor their work. A former Tesco worker says the armbands are used to time every task. If an employee doesn’t work fast enough, they get a bad score and can be hauled in front of management. He says “The guys who made the scores were sweating buckets and throwing stuff around the place.” If Tesco is allowed to get away with this, other companies could start to monitor their workers as well. Tesco has spent millions of pounds on advertising to overcome its image problems.

Tesco admits it is using electronic armbands on its warehouse workers and drivers but claims this is just to cut down on paperwork. But these armbands are like a version of 'Big Brother' in the workplace, watching every move a person makes. Imagine the stress and pressure these armbands create in the men and women who are required to wear them in Tesco warehouses every day. Worrying that if they slow down for even a few minutes, they will be reprimanded?

Tesco is the UK’s biggest supermarket with an image to protect. During the recent horse meat scandal, public pressure made Tesco publish whole page apologies in national newspapers promising that such mistakes will ‘never happen again’. Now it’s time for us to tell Tesco to treat its employees with dignity and basic respect.

Let’s tell Tesco to treat its employees like normal people, not like curfew tagged prisoners on home release. 

Click Here Because 'every little helps!'

Together, members are holding big companies and corporations to account all over the world. Let’s show Tesco that no company is too big to get away with treating its employees inhumanely.


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