Saturday, 2 March 2013

Do you know your ABC?

I found this on the RHA site.

It's just the thing for those long winter nights. Put away the books and magazines and join in with the fun for all the family  Maybe even on those long nights when counting sheep just does not work. I have the insomniacs solution.

You are probably very good at your A, B, C but did you know that when you are out on the water there are lots of different ways of saying the alphabet? Firstly there is the phonetic alphabet, this is really useful for when you are talking to someone on the radio and you have to spell things out. Using the phonetic alphabet means there is no confusion on the spelling at the other end.
You could also use flags. Each letter of the alphabet has its very own flag and depending upon the colour and pattern you can work out the letters to make up a word or sentence. You could also use Semaphore. This is where you can work out what letter is being signalled by the position of the flags. Using flags is a good way to communicate when you are out at sea and can’t use the radio.
Why don’t you learn it and practise with your friends? 
Try spelling out your name or your friends’ name, or how about the name of your school or boating club. See if you can guess what each other is saying. Did you know: In an emergency you need to be able to spell the name of your boat by phonetic alphabet. Why not practice spelling out your boat name until you can do it without thinking.

What no Morse code and who forgot the numbers ?



  1. Just a thought but which way is the little man facing?

    1. Hi,

      When using flags, you typically face the other person with which you are communicating. As it is conducted over short line of sight distances you should have a reasonable view.



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