Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Poetry celebrating diversity and multiculturalism.

What is the stupidest waste of public money that you know of?

For the inland waterways users I would imagine that poetry on lock gates is high on the list. However, I found out that poetry on lock gates or elsewhere was not such a unique thought after all. In the sharing world that is "Artie Fartie" politically correct nonsense. It looks like the CaRT idea might have been lifted from somewhere else. It was more than a year ago in preparation for "Womens Day" when I think it all started. 

Another stupid waste of public money involved the Met. It would seem that a unique thought on poetry came from Denise Milani, head of all things politically correct and diversity at the Met Police. She chose to run a competition for coppers to write a poem celebrating diversity and multiculturalism. The Scotland Yard officers were asked to enter a poetry competition on the theme of "gender equality." The prize was a chance to have a "coffee break" with the Met’s head of diversity Denise Milani, who is renowned in Britain’s biggest police force for her initiatives. Officers are told their poems must focus on "recruitment, retention or progression" at the Yard, creating a "gender-sensitive working environment" or "successfully managing gender-diverse teams."

It would seem that the interpretation of "recruitment, retention or progression" or creating a "gender-sensitive working environment" or "successfully managing gender-diverse teams." Was a bit open ended and those naughty girls and boys in Blue turned to writing poetry starting with the first line "There was an old girl called Denise;"

However, neatly side stepping the unprintable poetry, one of the better ones was:

Albanian gangsters with rice flails and Uzis,
Ukrainian pimps with high-cheek boned floozies,
Jamaicans with handguns, Somalis with knives
— just some of the people enriching our lives.

Jew-hating Imams from Rabat and Homs, 
Stockpiling their basements with ricin and bombs, 
Rich Saudi princes with cowering slaves, 
Slovakian hooligans, Romanian knaves. 

A fat lady from Lagos looking quite glum, 
With five kilos of gak stashed away up her bum, 
Levantine maniacs beating up gays, 
Young girls from Thailand whose skills quite amaze. 

Grim Kurdish separatists from the shores of Lake Van, 
Strange Russian men with a nuclear tan, 
From Romford to Ruislip a myriad show, 
Of cultural diversity — so mind how you go.

I am an avid reader of Inspector Gadget.


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