Tuesday, 5 February 2013

100,000 and counting.

Even the Police know that today's weather is "Snow Joke"

Another milestone has been reached. The 100,000th Rose of Arden blog visitor. The 100k visitor was  an antipodean blog reader who arrived on the blog via "bigpond.net.au" Another milestone was reached in September last year when we celebrated the first 1000 days of the blog Click Here It does not seem all the long ago (April 2011) that I was surprised by the 10,000th visitor. Click Here

Back in April 2011 the most popular postings were as listed below. The new page hits are in brackets.

Postings Viewed by Visitors
Boating types you will find on various forums. 79 Page-views (1,631)
Lurking on a forum near you!                            78 Page-views (764)
Boat Battery Maintenance Pt III                        36 Page-views (279)
Boat Battery Maintenance Pt II                          15 Page-views (208)

Information Pages Viewed by Visitors
Forums, Magazines and eBooks.           66 Page-views (1,325)
Why I write this blog.                              9 Page-views    (244)
The Ships Log                                           1 Page-views    (166)
Blog Ethos, Disclaimer and Copyright.   1 Page-views    (125)

Where are the people located who are reading the blog?
United Kingdom  4,727 Visitors   (47,364)
United States        1,909 Visitors   (20,709)
Germany                 423 Visitors   (3,527)
Russia                      264 Visitors   (3,777)
Australia                  147 Visitors   (2,157)


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