Monday, 4 February 2013

He was gone in a Flash!

Come On Down!
Former energy secretary Chris Huhne received a £17,000 pay off after quitting the Cabinet to fight charges of perverting the course of justice, it has been confirmed.

The bombshell came on a Saturday afternoon, when Huhne's wife was watching a World Cup football match on television and heard the phone ring in another room. At half-time, she went to get something to eat, her shaken husband came in to say that the call was from the News of the World, which had been on the trail of the newly appointed Secretary of State for Energy. 

The newspaper had proof that he had spent the previous night in his constituency home in Eastleigh with the former journalist Carina Trimingham, who had been his press secretary when he was running against Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrat leadership. He told his shocked wife they had "30 minutes to kill the story" – a phrase she later thought of using as a book title.

Carina Trimingham, the new partner of former energy secretary Chris Huhne, has been ordered to pay more than £400,000 after she lost her high court claim for damages for alleged breach of privacy and harassment against the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Points Make Prizes
Vicky Pryce the ex Mrs Huhne was not cut out to be the tame little wronged wife hiding from the public eye after the humiliation of having her husband leave her for another woman. She did manage to keep her feelings to herself for 11 months. Then deciding it was time to tell her story and show her ex-husband up as a man who could not be trusted.

She intended to damage his reputation, and possibly to put the brakes on his political career. She may have anticipated there would be some personal cost to herself, but she cannot, surely, have foreseen that she would find herself in court with her ex, facing a serious criminal charge.

One story was about Mr Huhne's driving. It was known he had once been banned from driving for three months for using a phone at the wheel. An inaccurate rumour circulated he had been caught speeding when an MEP, but had avoided another ban by persuading "a female constituency aide" to take the points on her licence. His office dismissed the claim as "completely untrue".



  1. Same thing happened back in Oz where The Lord Justice Einfeld gave the name of another driver when he got a speed camera ticket for speeding through a school zone.
    A newspaper got onto the story, the name of the person who he had said was driving, had died a few years previously!
    He was jailed, lost his job and was totally humiliated...all for a speeding ticket!

    1. Hello Paul and Elaine.

      I see that he was one of many also ran's in the "I am Mr Squeaky Clean" competition.

      Everyone knows that we all have broken the rules at some point, after all, it's human nature. But instead of putting up their hands and saying it's me and I should have known better. They go into this elaborate charade. Digging their hole deep enough to get to the antipodes to join your friend.

      While I don't think for one moment that we have cornered the market in sleazy gits. We do have a long history and a few fine exponents after all.

      John Profumo MP - His affair with Christine Keeler, the reputed mistress of an alleged Soviet spy, followed by lying in the House of Commons.

      The less than fragrant Geoffrey Archer MP - and charitable giving to ladies on railway platforms.

      Jonathan Aitken MP - and the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play.

      There have been a recent run on MP's having their names added to the back log of Botany Bay contenders. David Chaytor MP - changed his plea to guilty shortly before his trial was due to start. Environment minister Elliot Morley MP - another member of the whoops club. Lord Hanningfield, who was jailed in the expenses scandal, spent £286000 of taxpayers' money on trips to India, China and the Bahamas. and a growing list...

      The next one being our local lad done good - Doctor Denis McShane MP - and his virtuoso performance on the fiddle.

      You can't make it up...

      Mick n Mags.


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