Friday, 9 November 2012

Three Years On

We're fast approaching three years since the inception of this blog. It's surprising how much things have changed in that time. Going back to re-read some of my earlier posts is quite a thought provoking experience. 

I suppose its what diaries and blogs are all about. Records made of our thoughts. Creating a set of notes that give us the chance to go back and re-read our ideas as personal reminders from another time. In a way its almost a form of reverse time travel, a sort of "going back from the future!The changes that have taken place and the things that were so important to us back then. Often contrasted, in the way that many of those same things are seemingly trivial now.

I have written previously about why I started the blog. A blog which was intended as a personal record of our trials and tribulations around joining the boating fraternity. It proved to be documentation of a series of personal gripes, strange and quirky ideas and a way to concentrate my thoughts.

One change that is very noticeable was that I did not have a lot of time to spare previously. (I also have several other blogs with different themes that I spend time working on.) The number and frequency of the posts on here is a good indication of how things have changed. I think that now I have retired and I have more time for relaxation. So I have more time to develop ideas and draw them together.

My posts have switched away from the main theme of boating and boat ownership and are now almost unfocused. They may be much more random now than I had a first intended. But people keep coming back to read them so I must be doing something right!


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