Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More Kindle Stuff

I have had my Kindle now for quite a while. I have written about the Kindle device several times in the past. Click HereHereHere and HereOver a period in time I have built-up a list of websites where many books can be obtained free of charge.  

However, many non Kindle owners don't know that you do not have to have own a kindle device to read Kindle eBooks. You can download a kindle reader from the Amazon website onto your pc, smart phone or tablet and there is also a (Kindle Cloud Reader) available for your web browser.

The first port of call for any Kindle books is Amazon. There are thousands of free books available for download on the Amazon website. Most of the free books are the old classics which are frequently out of copywrite. 

There are many other alternative sources of free eBooks on the web. Some of the eBook sites are now becoming genre specific. So if you wanted eBooks that were autobiographies, cooking or computing, you would look for such a specific site.  I have just finished the "Wind In The Willows" again, with my favourite "Three Men In A Boat" coming up next.

However the versatility of eBook readers such as the Kindle don't stop there. You might like me, choose to listen to an audio book from time to time. The Kindle lets you play audio books. So for me its nice of a night now and again just to pop my earphones in and listen to some favourite book being read.

My favourite site for free audio books is Books Should Be Free. The name says it all. 


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