Friday, 26 October 2012

Charitable Donations.

The Poll Function in Blogger is broken.

I will re-post the Charitable Donation message when the problem is fixed.


  1. I voted animal welfare as i all ready give to the dogs trust via D/D, and much more than £3 a month.
    My wife gives as much to charities that deal with child poverty. we also add to bucket collections when we have a spare £ or 2 for various charities.
    As a family we pay license fee and mooring fee of + £2000 and carving poetry on lock gates and paying people X7 my income won't get me dipping into my pockets, as they are empty. (sorry rant over)

  2. Hello Eddie.

    I am sure that your sentiments will be held by many boaters. Like you we have charity organisations such as Cancer Research and the Dogs Trust plus Guide dogs for the blind which will always come before CART in our giving.

    It just makes anyone in the know feel exasperated by issues such as lock gate poetry and trees in boats when the canal infrastructure is on a slow cycle of death through positive neglect.



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