Sunday, 2 September 2012

That's handy!

He was once described as a old hand at taking visitors out for a airboat tour into the Florida Everglades. He had many years of experience conducting the wildlife trips. But the description does not fit any more. Now that Boat captain Wallace Weatherholt has been arrested by Florida Fish and Wildlife officers. Charged with a misdemeanour's of unlawful feeding an alligator while leading an airboat tour. 

He was at work in the Everglades with a family from Indiana. Weatherholt allegedly demonstrated to the family the ferocity of alligators by holding a fish in his hand over the side of the boat. He faces a fine of up to $500, and up to 60 days in jail after a nine foot long alligator jumped up and grabbed the fish along with Weatherholt's hand, which was severed at the wrist.


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