Sunday, 2 September 2012

A good week

It's been a good week.

I think I am the only person left not to have seen pictures of Prince Harry in the niff. But saying that have you noticed the uncanny resemblance to the Bevis cartoon character?

Whilst I am on the subject, Butthead has an uncanny  resemblance to the Princess Royal and that futuristic hairstyle that's almost like a throwback to the DA of my formative years.

Are they related - I think we should be told!

So what else has been good this week.

I somehow missed the 17th Air Guitar World Championship which is an annual event that is held in Finland.  Which also includes the international cellphone throwing contest, wife carrying and swamp football.  What a show of skill.  Like those talented disk jockeys who can play a record on the dansette.

As luck would have it, I wasn't in New York, and one of the nine bystanders wounded in last weeks Empire State Building shooting. It was later admitted that they had all been hit with police gunfire. Police had approached the assailant before they opened fire killing him on the spot. Officers fired 16 rounds with one officer shooting nine and another seven. Mayor Bloomberg has admited some innocent individuals may also have been shot by NYPD.

Our "friends" at CART have carried on where British Waterways left off. Wasting as much money as is possible on a new "Artistic" project. Words fail me, but you can read all about it here. Click Here


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