Friday 7 September 2012

Canal Life

To celebrate CART's launch, as the more acceptable face of the Inland Waterways. Whilst at the same time keeping the same old faces in place. All manner of hyperbole was poured out including the usual Z list celebs who own a boat. Once more our strapped for cash funds were raided for a few lack lustre moments of already forgotten drivel.

By way of celebration, Poet Ian McMillan wrote "Canal Life" But it does not stop there.... oh no... someones at CART is obviously sat upon the porta poetry potty! leaving me with an uncanny feeling of we have been here before. The new age of  spray-on instant canal graffiti is now no longer chic. We have turned to encouragement on a more permanent basis.

CART, in conjunction with Chrysalis Arts, has come up with "Locklines" to create artworks for lock gates. Built upon the concept of graffiti and so obviously in keeping with the new heritage of the canals. Sculptor Peter Coates has been brought in to carve lines of poetry onto new replacement lock gates. I wonder how long it will be before some idiot feels the urge to "tag" the locklines with a chainsaw.

So I thought I would see if I could come up with some lines that could be chainsawed into the lock gates. 

  • Give up hope all ye who enter here!
  • I'm leaky, creaky and squeaky!
  • Lockup and shut up!
  • The water tank that broke the bank!
  • We stop the lock to save a drop!
  • The last drop, then what!
Maybe you have a few lines of your own to suggest?


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