Monday, 20 August 2012

The Big One (19-5)

Monday 20th August 2012

Altham Bridge to Barrowford Top Lock

Another change in the weather when the usual rain returned once again overnight. There was a heavy mist laying over the fields. The rain had abated to that ultra fine drizzle that seems to get everywhere. 

Abbey the old dog has not been very well. Last night I sat up with her until she finally managed to settle down in the early hours. At about three in the morning she came and laid under our bed making small whimpering sounds.  I picked her up and sat in my armchair with her on my knee. I was gently rubbing her belly and making reassuring "parent" conversation with her. When she made a huge smelly belch. Later, I wrapped her up and laid her down in her bed once again. At 8 am she was still sound asleep. When I checked her, she was toasty warm inside her blanket. Then one beady little eye opened with a look that said - go away. She must be feeling better!

Abbey has remained pretty well asleep for most of the day. Only coming out on deck as we were working our way up the Barrowford locks. She sat out for half an hour before retiring back to her bed. She had a cup of milky tea later on to ensure her fluid levels were OK. A special meal with boiled rice has been prepared for when her appetite returns.

A little tip for anyone with a dog on theri boat. If your pet gets a bad case of the squits. The cure is Pepto Bismol. You can purchase this from any chemist. Get a small syringe at the same time. We find that a single dose of about 5cc's is enough for a small terrier. We have been using this treatment for a couple of years now. Usually within four hours the squits have gone. 

We stopped at Reedley Marina for diesel. The required split here is 10% propulsion 90% domestic. I did not argue with them.

The Sky at Night

Wildlife: For two miles after leaving Reedley Marina we were entertained by large numbers of Damselfly and Dragonfly. Including Blue-tailed Damselfly in very large numbers. There were also many hawker, skimmers, darters and chasers. Top of the list was our first Emperor Dragonfly for 2012. The Emperor is Britain’s largest dragonfly. With a green thorax and bright blue curved abdomen the males are very easy to identify. The males are highly territorial patrolling their territories over the water and rarely settle, even catching and eating their prey on the wing.

Daily Total
Miles: 12.7
Locks: 7
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 1
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 5.0

Accumulated Totals
Miles: 1138.6
Locks: 816
Swing / Lift Bridges: 124
Tunnels. 22
Pump Outs: 13
Engine Hours: 2367.7


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