Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Corbyn Mania

The latest news of Jeremy Corbyn has been a daily event and in a way one that I enjoyed to read, list and watch. There were interviews, sound bites, articles in support and the expected onslaught from the mainstream media against. The problem for the media was that the more they attacked him, the stronger he became.

The speculation over what his role might be within the restructure of a refreshed and reinvigorated Labour Party. Was followed by dire predictions for what might happen under his leadership in the future. His three opponents for the position of leader could not understand, never mind capture any of the outpouring of support for Jeremy. He however, like an elder statesman looked the part, walked the walk and certainly talked the talk.

The tension has been palpable and yet at the same time the whole process has been exciting.  No one can say that they have not harboured doubts about the possible outcome. Especially when there was a policy of weeding out people from amongst those eligible to vote.  Based upon what was the most perfunctory and seemingly flimsy evidence. The belief was and is that they were all supporters of Corbyn. They were derogatory labelled as being 'Corbynites' and the title was instantly absorbed to the mystique. 

The party needs to have a serious look at what has actually transpired within the election process. Every one who was 'outed' needs to be told what that reason was and specifically why they were excluded. Its the thing you do in a democracy, everything has to be open and above board. Where the evidence is unsustainable. The party must make a written apology to those people. It must also welcome those people to come and join or rejoin the party.

I don't see any reason why someone should not be able to change their political allegiance. After all the labour party is returning to its root and many people myself included felt that the party had abandoned its socialist ideals. Now that has changed and I have a role to play once more in furthering the future of MY PARTY'. 

I wanted to put pen to paper several weeks ago because I was certain that Jeremy Corbyn would secure the place of leader.  Several times I sat down to write a triumphal piece because as an old but savvy socialist, I was sure that Jeremy Corbyn would be elected by a majority in the first round. Even I was not prepared for the scale of the outcome.

Now we have a few days to enjoy the euphoria, to celebrate and bask in the sunlight of a wonderful victory. The strength of the victory is such that Corbyn is now Teflon coated, he has the mandate of the people, backed up by the strength of will of the people.

I spent a great deal of time, weighing up the various deputies. There was not one that I felt at the outset was of the right calibre. I discounted people for many different things. Watson I thought would always have a weather eye on the leadership. So I was not enamoured to him. So it went candidate after candidate until the only one I wanted to vote for, was Angela Eagle to be Jeremy's deputy. The more I looked at her political career the more It was that she was the right person.

I have little more than a nodding acquaintance and a small pile of correspondence that I have exchanged with my own Labour MP over several years. However, I was not enamoured to read some of his thoughts and ideas expressed in the Tory press. These thoughts and ideas had certainly not been expressed previously to party members. He like me made his choices and they were made from a privileged position of knowledge.  All of which have made me question whether we have the right man in place.

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  1. Jeremy Corbin has so far alienated: the Jewish community, the N Ireland protestants, royalist supporters and probably every service and ex-service family in the nation. He has managed to instantly double Cameron's effective majority and has most likely condemned us to a least a decade of ever increasing right wing government. So much in so few days; what can he do in 4 years?


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