Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Georgie Boy's Budget

Well the mad house that purports to be our parliament has had another fun day. The chancellor has frigged with the figures and made the usual promises he cannot keep. Just by chance, any savings made will come into being at the same time as the run up to the next election. Then again - like student loans - manifesto promises are made to be broken. But its not all that bad for the Con-a-Lib coalition, as the alternative political parties can't offer any better solution either.

Now I know and you know that the government is looking to save money on everything and anything it can. The military (who we like to send to various parts of the world to force countries what have large stocks of oil to toe the line)  Army, Navy and Air Force are being downsized to make them more efficient and by a happy coincidence, just happens to save money.  The NHS is in meltdown and being privatised by the back door. The fact that the private companies eager to get a foothold in the NHS give donations to political parties is just another happy coincidence. 

For the bod in the street - well they are not going to increase the level of duty on diesel and petrol. This is a sort of three card trick - where they make it known that there will be an increase - then do everyone a favour  by not implementing it. What was known for many years as the "Irish Pay Rise" - you know - a sort of a pay cut - that has been backdated! Then after banging on about supermarkets selling cheap booze, such as cheap beer and lager. Rather than implement a "unit of alcohol" charge - they knock a penny off the duty on a pint of beer! 

I'm going to let you into a little secret - just ask yourself where the money is going to come from to pay for the lost revenue. Well, we have the bedroom tax - a sort of poll tax on steroids - which is dipping into the pockets of the poor. However purely by happenstance - multi millionaires are getting a significant tax cut. The fact that the wealthy individuals give donations to political parties is just another happy coincidence. Then there is the lack of any significant move in the budget towards getting the hundreds of millions of pound of tax that is being avoided by many business like Amazon. It's nice to know where their priorities lie. 

The Con-a-Lib alliance has introduced a version of the smoke and mirrors trick. Which has been combined with a new version of the mushroom treatment. The house flipping - expenses fiddling over paid and under worked MP's have much to answer for. Its easy to tell when an MP is telling porkie pies or making promises they intend to break - their lips move.



  1. To be fair the budget could have been much worse. I have no complaints with it.

    1. Hello R.

      I take your point. There will always be some for and some against. Some will be based on personal gain, others on the colour of politics. However for many, it will be based on what they have left in their pockets at the end of the week.

      Choices are often made and based upon life experiences. I'm not sure what experience George (heir apparent to the Baronetcy, of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon) actually brings to the resolving the financial crisis.



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