Sunday, 1 July 2012

July Caption Competition

The July Caption Competition.

The caption competition is intended for you to be able to display your prowess at providing a pithy and witty caption. One that has a watery theme to it. This months judging panel consists of Helicopter pilot Aaron C. Reskew, Quiz mistress Anna Gram, Accountant Adam Upp, Security Consultant Anna Larm,Teacher Alf AbettMusician Amanda Lynn, FishmongerAnn Chovie, Heart Surgeon Ann Jyna,   and  Lifetime award in bugger all Tony Hales.

The caption below the picture is our feeble attempt at humour but does not count for the competition.

Jensen was enjoying the new high pressure 
Colonic Irrigation treatment until ....

There are no prizes as the Blog Meister is a cheapskate and tight fisted old curmudgeon. But you will reluctantly get a mention in the captains blog. You can submit your entry on the back of a ten pound note, two five pound notes or by using the comments feature below. (now we will find out who the cheapskates are)

My Indecision Is Final.

The June competition was won once again by Heth with 

"Sod the water shortage, mine's BIGGER than yours, he he"


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  1. Heather on TT wrote: ""Weee Heee, the fun way to remove skidmarks from your underpants!!!!""


    Heather on TT wrote: "...Until his underpants flew off & landed on Betsy Jo's face. Betsy Joe commented later that the colonic irrigation had been a success because the offending article was full of skidmarks..."


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