Friday, 20 July 2012

Are you a good citizen?

How is your general knowledge. What do you know about your country and its customs and practises. You have most likely been living here for the whole of your life so you should like me be quite knowledgeable. 

The government has announced a major update to the citizenship test taken by all those who want to settle in Britain with a UK passport. The new section will cover a range of British history, from the Roman conquest of Britain to the modern day after the home secretary, Theresa May, called for a more "patriotic guide" for migrants wishing to settle in the UK, with less emphasis on knowing human rights and more on reading the gas meter.

Well, questions are hard only if you don't know the answers. If a question is part of a multiple choice question. The answer is in front of you, you just have to make the correct choice.

People from other countries wanting to come to live in the United Kingdom have to pass a citizens test. To demonstrate that they have an understanding of our way of life and our customs and practices.

I have just taken the United Kingdom Citizens Test. It consisted of twenty multiple choice questions. I was quite confident that I would pass with flying colours - well I just happen to have been living here for the whole of my life. Give me a break - how hard can it be?

How does 12 out of 20 sound. 

It sounds like I just scraped through.

How well would you do?

Take The Test By Clicking Here.


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  1. I did it a couple of weeks ago and got 12, John did it and got 14, so its not just you!



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