Sunday, 22 July 2012

A little anonymous-ity!

Wow, I have had another question from Anonymous. 

As you know, all comments from anonymous automatically go into my spam folder. From time to time I flush them out. There is only one way to send me a message that will get through and that is a blog comment with a method so that I can reply directly to you. In other words include your email address. It also helps if you can spell and have an understanding of punctuation. I don't do Txt talk LoL and the only smiley face is mine!

Oh! and as one recent anonymous commentator did - don't do cut and paste in such a way that you included stuff from a previous cut and paste you did not want me to know about. That one was Priceless!

There are from time to time the odd questions that people send in anonymously  that I do eventually get round to answering.

One such question was "Why do you often write about non boating stuff when the blog is supposed to be about narrowboats?"

I think that any blog that is on a single subject will ultimately become quite staid and predictable in content. Postings that are off the main topic (boating) are intended to lighten up the blog and to cover the things that interest me. 

There is a template that I could pull together which would cover most of my boating days.

Morning: - Weather, location, departure time, etc. Afternoon: - What we have seen so far, who we have met, what we have visited. Evening: - What time we arrived, where we arrived and what we did later. Night: - Things that went bump in the night.

Blogs should have a wide variety of blog post topics rather than always sticking with the same ones. While it's fine to record just your days activities on your blog, if that's all you do, it could get pretty boring. There are some do's and don't to observe such as Do refer frequently to the Inland Waterways Don't stick to one area of interest. Do highlight good as well as bad things. Do try to give a balanced point of view. Don't be single or bloody minded. Do be humorous.

Apart from Narrowboats I have many more interests that I enjoy writing about either on this boating blog or occasionally on other blogs that I operate.

As it says on the front page:- Warning "If you take the blog seriously then you are on your own."


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  1. Greetings comrade,

    Tell It & tell 'em like it is chuck. Anon is a soft bugger or a wimpish coward if they can't comment & ID themself.

    Boaty blogs = humour, diversity & mainly more humour whatever.

    It certainly does get a bit boring when it's the same drone day in day out.

    "Got up, had a cup of tea, cooked bacon & eggs, took dog for walk, pulled pins & travelled down the same canal we did last week. Same photos (different angle) etc..."

    For any moaning minnies out there get your wide angle specs on, might see a bit more to life..

    From an (anon) H


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