Friday, 13 July 2012

38 Degrees Update

Time For Some Good NEWS.

Do you remember "The Big Switch" organised by 38 degrees against the big gas and electricity companies that rip us off. The question was - what if thousands of us joined up to switch our gas and electricity companies as one group?

The results for our people-powered bid to get cheaper gas and electricity prices are in. The Co-op has come forward with the cheapest offer. It looks like those of us taking part could save a total of £25 million.

There is always more bad news.

Did you know that the UK's winning Olympic bid also included huge tax breaks for the corporate sponsors. As a result, massive multi-nationals Like Coke, McDonald's and Adidas  stand to make a tax-free fortune all at our expense. If enough of us complain, then it might scare these image-conscious companies into backing down and refusing their Olympic tax-dodge. Please add your name to the petition and shame these Olympic corporate sponsors into doing the right thing, sign the petition now.

But here is some more good news.

What a relief. After worrying rumours and some last-minute campaigning, we’ve finally seen the government’s forest panel report. And it looks pretty good: “The government says it accepts the recommendations and will halt plans to sell off state-owned forests.” BBC News. In other words, we did it! They recommend keeping our woodlands in public hands.

Not long ago, we were all told that this was impossible. Experts, politicians, and journalists all said the forest sell-off was a done deal. We faced the bleak prospect of ‘For Sale’ signs up in woodlands across the country. But that was before hundreds of thousands of us came together with one shared message: keep our woodlands safe. We signed petitions, we contacted our MPs, we overcame the government!

I love 38 Degrees for getting things done transparently.

You can find out more about 38 Degrees Here.


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