Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Troll Threshold

This posting is for clarification.

First of all I do enjoy writing this blog, its done for my own self centred reasons. I enjoy my life on the boat, I take an interest in all things around me and I am more than capable of formulating an opinion.

I write of my boating day-to-day life and I am happy to share my opinion with anyone who cares to read. I am happy to correspond with others in an exchange of ideas or clarification. Even if your ideas are diametrically opposed to mine.

The tenure of the blog however is mine the direction and content are mine and I reserve the right to continue the blog in this way. 

I do warn however, that if you take this blog seriously, then you are on very much your own.

So if you have a genuine issue with anything I have blogged about I am prepared to explore your input. This does not mean that I will change direction or publish your concerns. It means that you get the chance to influence me.

I do enjoy reading a number of other blogs some of which I also comment upon. Usually on the other persons blog. The choice to publish my comment or ignore is entirely their choice and I respect their decision. I give more credence to fellow bloggers.

I do however have a low threshold for Internet Trolls. I am not prepared to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed person! I tire easily of such people and I have found one very simple solution to dealing with the issue. I just ignore your emails and comments. 

So what have I discovered about Trolls.

1) The magic number is five. If I ignore your comments you seem go away after the fifth remains unanswered or unpublished.

2) In my case the magic number is one. I refer you to rule one above.


1 comment:

  1. Many greetings comrade of the canal system,

    Take no notice & he'll go away. Delete any such comments (me had to do same)& don't be tempted to respond.

    We compatriates have more interesting things to do with our lives, don't we? Such as chasing round after buglets & choosing which method to splat them with.

    Hang on there's a couple of words in there appropriate to this post :)

    From Heth the Feth, currently stationed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Whilst observing a passing reedbed floating by..

    PS: Word verification: "Hoomsta" nice rounded word that, add Boomsta & we've got a catchy title for our next record album.


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