Saturday, 26 May 2012

Three Men In A Boat!

The story of three young men in a boat fix! I am sure that it would make a good plot for a book! Might need an additional character like a dog!

Yesterday at the Pywipe Inn was smile day, as three young fellows were trying to fix a problem with an outboard motor on a little yellow speedboat. The problem was, no one had any idea about what they were doing. When the motor did start (just the once) it was instantly stalled by ramming into gear at high RPM. The engine refused to run again. 

At the time that the motor started, the boat happened to be rocking from side to side - as they do. So the fellows thought that rocking the boat would help the situation. So one fellow stands at the back constantly rocking from side to side. He almost tumbles into the water several times! Another one is taking instructions on what to do over the phone. While the other one is hammering the starter on full choke. There is a strong smell of petrol around the boat. The battery soon goes flat.

One of the boys had to have some first aid treatment from the Memsahib for a foot injured on a rust spring that poked through the seat. With his foot smeared in Savalon and with a double thickness of sticking plaster he was patched up and returned to the fray!

Down the river comes a knight in shining armour, well a shiny little blue boat with outboard. After the Knight has had a beer, they try and breast up the two boats to return to whence they came. After going round in circles for a while. I advised them to try a tow on a long line between the boats. Line astern, one behind the other.  Man in boat at the front set off, however he is so busy watching the boat behind that he enters trees hanging over the opposite bankside. Followed shortly by the boat under tow. After some pushing and shoving the boats both finally emerge just in time to ram the bank. 

After several more tries at ramming the bank and some further topiary they successfully manage to chug slowly up river and away into the distance.

Yes, it was a smile day. The Memsahib then says "Did you get any pictures?" Damn I says, its too late now!


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