Sunday, 15 April 2012

Reflecting on the morning.

A moment of reflection this morning as I watched on TV the service on “Balmoral” done at the resting place in the North Atlantic of Titanic. Its a 100 years on and Titanic is still a significant loss in the public’s memory. What was once a disaster has over time changed into a series of adventure stories of survivors and poignant stories of those who were lost.

A day of sport to enjoy on Rosie today. 

However, first I should say that yesterday was another black day in sport when two more horses were destroyed in horse racing. I went to horse races as a child and I enjoyed the day out, I have lots of memories of the atmosphere and characters of the time. The course at Aintree is recognised as being difficult for horse and rider. Yet the spectacle is marred on many years by the unnecessary deaths of horses.

Formula one is my sport of choice today – yes I am a petrol head. Time to settle down to the spectacle that is the Chinese formula one Grand Prix. Yet even Formula one is filled with controversy about whether to hold the next round in Bahrain. This is the second year of the Arab spring, many nations have gone through internal conflict to settle their future. I am not sure that holding a sporting event in a country that is in conflict. One between the will of the people for a change and the ruling elite that want to keep power. 

PS. Happy Birthday to Sir Frank Williams team boss of the Williams Racing Team. 70 years young on Sunday. In 1987, Frank was awarded a CBE. Knighted in 1999. He is also one of the few non-Frenchmen to have been made a Chevalier of France's Legion d'honneur. In 2010, Frank was awarded the Helen Rollason Award for "outstanding achievement in the face of adversity" at the BBC Sports Personality of The Year.

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