Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Domestic Goddess

Just before we left Tinsley Marina construction was started on a new front cratch for Rosie. With able assistance from me (by making tea and getting out of the way) our new boating neighbour soon had a plan drawn up and we embarked on the project. In a couple of days we went from a pile of timber to Rosie sporting the new "A" frame.

Next part of the refurbishment of the front will be constructing a cover. We have a friend "Mad Jean" who is well known to bikers for producing bespoke leathers. Jean has in the past repaired our pram cover after an accident with a misjudged bridge hole. (I think the Memsahib was steering at the time however there is some doubt being cast on this point. As it was several months ago my memory on the incident is not as clear as the Memsahib's and my voice is not as peircing)

The solar panels are proving to be able to keep the battery topped up so far. (as long as there is sufficient sunlight available) The panels are now mounted on a frame which lifts them clear of the boat roof. This is to allow extra ventilation to keep the panels cooler in hot weather. 

At the back of the boat Rosie is now sporting a tiller arm with an attachment for a small square clothes line. Paired up with the Zanussi washing machine the Memsahib is once more in her "Domestic Goddess" element.

You will note that we are not entering the tidy boat roof competition this year. Prefering to let some other person win the medal for a change. This situation may also be modified with the next edict issued from the Memsahib.


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