Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chickens, mules and two old fools.

I have just finished reading "Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools." by Victoria Twead.

The story of a couple who are fast approaching retirement and feeling that they need a change in their lives. Joe and Vicky decide to play a form of Russian Roulette, that includes a soviet era style "five year plan." 

El Hoyo a small village in the mountains of Spain is their location of choice. The book is a delight in two ways, first the story and then all of the culinary recipes. With a Spanish flavour that are thrown in for good measure. Their new family includes a batch of chickens, with delightful names that reflect the chickens character. A handful of human characters including locals and expats. Not forgetting the mule in love. 

All are woven into a light hearted tale. Reliving televisions "The Good Life" in a sombrero instead of wellingtons. A charming story written with a relaxed attitude that reflects the manyana lifestyle that Brits find so hard to understand - but all so easy to adopt. There is no central plot other than the building one. There is however, much to tempt both the heart and the taste buds.

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