Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Big One (2-4)

Wednesday 11th April 2012
Huddersfield Basin to Huddersfield Basin

07:30 We were awakened by Nb "A Tad Adrift" heading away from the visitor moorings towards the first of the East Locks..

08::00 What a wild night! - Rain, snow, sleet. and hailstones, however we survived. The Memsahib is feeling much better. Today might be a good day for tackling the climb up out of Huddersfield.

09:00 Visit to Aspley Marina Chandelry to do some washing in the laundrette, buy a few essentials like the special pump-out bog paper and a replacement Bank Stick (Spike) for the curious method of opening and closing the paddles on many of the locks in this part of the canal system. The Memsahib left our previous bank stick or spike on the last lock we passed through.

10:30 Move onto the water point which seems to have a permanent GRP cruiser attached to it. Filed up and started to get ready to make our way onto the diesel point. The owner of Nb "A Tad Adrift" called by to tell us that the pound above the first lock was dry.

I had a walk up to look at the situation. There was a large diesel pump in action. Raising water from below the bottom lock and pumping into the empty pound. I was instantly aware of the problem. The pump could not keep pace with the leakage on the gates. So much for all the winter maintenance.

Had a word with some BW bods working in and around the marina. They were completely unaware of the problem and could not do anything to help. A look on waterscape was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I decided to ring BW direct. It seems that the problem with the lock pound has been like this for the last two days. The estimate for repair - one or two weeks. Now I know that BW weeks are equivalent to a human months.

Came back had lunch and then had a long conversation and regrouped our ideas.

14:30 Moved onto the diesel point. (75 litres) moved back onto the visitor moorings. Tomorrow we will retrace our steps and cruise back the way we came. By the time we had finished we had spent about £150 in the marina chandlers. I hate wet weather!

22:30 The weather has been a steady series of heavy showers all day and has continued well after dark. The tow path is now a mud bath and the mud is helping to disguise the dog crap that seems to be in abundance round here. Had half-a-hour with the crap trowel and I flicked a good amount from round the mooring into the cut.

Daily Total
Miles: 0.5
Locks: 0
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 4.2

Accumulated Totals
Miles: 604.8
Locks: 613
Swing / Lift Bridges: 101
Tunnels: 6
Pump Outs: 8
Engine Hours: 2052.2


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