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From time to time you will find that I highlight interesting (to me) blogs in a little section of my own blog  called "Blog of the Month".  You can find the blogs in the top left hand corner of the main page. I also keep a page of "Previous Blogs of the Month."  You can drop me a comment about any other intresting blogs that you come across.

These are blogs that I have come across whilst wondering around in some backwater or other of the Internet. I have an interest in most things including: Green Issues, The Law, Policing, Inland Waterways, Politics ....... the list could go on-and-on! 

I'm the founder member of BAHA (Blog-A-Holics Anonymous) My name is Michael and "I am a recovering and unashamed Blog-A-Holic." If I was ever taken to task about my blog my defence would be diminished responsibilities and being addicted to the Blog-o-Sphere.

So I thought I should look at a whole thread based upon a particular theme. There are a lot of "Legal Blogs" out in the blog-o-sphere. Their informed opinions I find are in reality a matter of perspectives. Everyone, even the bird under the wig in her long black robe has her own perspective on life. Its one that I particularly enjoy reading - so I shall start with her.

The blog is Beneath The Wig.
"I toiled at the bar until I ambled off into the digital sphere. I am somewhat ranty, unapologetically sweary, very much so a law geek, a bit of a geek geek and (un)reasonably political. Oh, and female."
I love her perspective on our archaic system of law, I find her observations insightful on a difficult subject and obviously well informed.

The other side of the legal business is The Custody Record.

"Custody Sgt at a busy 30+ cell suite. My ramblings, gripes and observations on life, policing in general and this unique role. All views are of course my own."
When people are arrested and taken down to the local police station. Then the Custody Sargent has to look after their welfare whilst in custody. Long portrayed as the place where people bump their heads or trip on the stairs. The reality is just the opposite, or is it.

But how do people go about getting the official invite to spend some time at the police station. Usually when a police officer makes an arrest for any one or more reasons. The police are castigated for never being around when you need them. Or for being to too heavy handed when their little darling Billy is a complete idiot. Or maybe you have the odd extra one for the road. One day - plod will catch up and invite you to come down the station.

Minimum Cover – The Police Officer Blog
"Written in a darkened room, somewhere in the UK, this blog is intended to provide an insight into the world of those that keep your streets (and mine) safe at night; the serving men and women UK policing. We do our best to protect the communities we serve under difficult circumstances, but it’s getting harder every day. We don’t always get it right its true, but we always try our best. And yet the Government, the public, the media all want their pound of flesh on the rare occasion when it goes wrong. They, however, are not the ones who are expected to run toward the chaos with barely effective kit and insufficient resources in the belief that it will all work out in the end. I am a Police Officer. I know this because I have spent nearly a dozen years being called Plod, Copper, Pig, Rozzer, Gavver, Old Bill, 5-0 and many other degrading (and unprintable) names by those of restricted vocabulary, those with criminal tendencies or those blessed with a personality that includes a subtle blend of both. As if the uniform, car, horrendous hours and encyclopedic knowledge of form-filling were not enough, I also have these delightful daily reminders of the job that I do." 

"Sting em with the birch" is what my old grandad used to say about any sort of misdemeanour such as kids apple scrumping. So it is very likely that he would have made a very good Magistrate. Or maybe not on reflection.

The Magistrates Blog.
"Musings and Snippets from an English Magistrate This blog is anonymous, and Bystander's views are his and his alone. Where his views differ from the letter of the law, he will enforce the letter of the law because that is what he has sworn to do. If you think that you can identify a particular case from one of the posts you are wrong. Enough facts are changed to preserve the truth of the tale but to disguise its exact source."

For what my grandad would have described as the "Namby Pamby bloody do gooders." Usually using slightly more direct language. This is the inside track on the probation service.

The On Probation Blog.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of probation! These are the personal thoughts of an ordinary probation officer struggling to come to terms with constant change, whilst trying to do a useful job for society. Sadly, change is so often obviously not progress. I am fully aware that my views do not represent official policy of government, my Service or possibly anyone else - but hey - it's my blog!"

The final perspective on the narrative is from someone who is incarcerated.

Ben's Prison Blog.

"The first blog by a serving British prisoner, looking stupidity and ignorance in the eye whilst attempting to inject some neurons into the criminological debate. Variously described as being "obviously extremely intelligent" (Michael Gove MP), "full of shit" (Mark Leach) and a "fully paid up member of the awkward squad" (Parole Board). Ben strives to generate debate around the moral and political nexus that is imprisonment."


In an effort to find out what subjects the readership enjoys. Please feel free to comment on the blog contents. If you wish your comments to remain private just say so.

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