Monday, 12 March 2012

Pig in a Poke

The long awaited Canal and River Trust election results, for independent boat owner candidates have been published. If I was to say I was disappointed it would be putting it mildly. So what exactly have we got for our votes. Well, I'm not sure there is any real level of "Independence" anymore as the IWA has in hijacking the election in my opinion devalued the result.


Number of eligible voters:28,805
Votes cast by post:5,029 
Votes cast online:2,427 
Votes cast by telephone:142

There is a criteria missing, that's the number of votes influenced by the IWA three line whip.

The following IWA candidates were elected

Clive HENDERSON, IWA Chairman
Ivor Henry CAPLAN, IWA Trustee
Keith Vaughan WELCH, IWA Trustee
Ann FARRELL, IWA Tea lady

So I should imagine that the party at Ivory Towers went on late into the night. It must be good to know that the "Pig in a Poke" party line will continue. Building a new dynasty around the pay, bonus and pension trough.  Tom Rolt and Robert Aickman "fighting for every mile" and their epic battles with the fore runner to British Waterways (The much loved British Transport Commission) must now be revolving at high speed in their graves.


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