Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm a socialist

I'm a Socialist, there I have said it, I have uttered the dreaded 'S' word. I am a socialist and what's more I am proud of my socialist upbringing. My socialist values were nurtured within a socialist family. I don't think or feel that there is anything odd about me. Yet for years in Labour circles I was almost unwanted, a pariah and held up to ridicule as 'being different' just because I am a socialist. When the reality is that within the Blairite New Labour and the Tory party, I can see many that are actually 'all the same'.

When I look around from my perspective, all I can see are fellow human beings. I don't care about their political persuasion, but I do care deeply about my own socialist values. I don't see age differences, I treat the young and the old as equals. But I do care, if those individuals young or old are being abused. I don't see colour differences in people, I see friends who have undoubtedly enriched my life. I just see men and women going about their everyday lives. 

Sometimes if I take the time to look a little closer. I see some people who are disabled and are also busy going about their lives. I know and I am aware that there are disabilities that can't be seen. But no matter how hard I look (I know I should not stare, but I'm being metaphorical) I don't see 'benefits scroungers' or any lesser beings. I just see people who sometimes need a helping hand. I just see people that could do with a friend. I just see people who should be treated as equals, without a second thought.

I was a lucky child, my parents were able to provide for me and my siblings. Now, when I look around me, I see growing poverty of a kind that I never knew. I see people sleeping rough on our streets. I see people who need to use food banks. This is the sort of poverty my parents spoke about. In their day they were called soup kitchens and doss houses. I'm worried now because I live in a country where injustice is rampant. I live in a time where personal greed has overtaken from a shared need.

In the premiership of Blair over 200,000 people left the Labour Party as it metamorphosed into Tory Lite. Under Corbyn, I see that over 400,000 people have indicated an interest in a resurgent 'Old' Labour party and a return to socialist values. Blair would have us believe that 600,000 people are wrong and he alone is right. Blair deceived us once over Iraq he should be ignored as he tries to deceive us once again. I think Blair has a Thatcher complex and wanted to found his own dynasty. Now its no more than a crumbling edifice destined to be equal in worth in political history as the much hated Thatcher. It may also bring about charges relating to the Iraq war. Then what value would the Blair legacy have.

I just do what I can to bring about a peaceful change of ethos to socialist values once more. So I voted for Corbyn and Eagle. I now feel elated by the prospect of a future socialist government. A government that will once more protect and promote the welfare of its people. A socialist government that will rebuild the once proud NHS. One that will take back into public ownership the essential services including power and railways. That it will provide free of charge student places at our universities as an investment in every citizen of the UK's future prosperity.

There is much to do before the next election, which the conservatives will I imagine take to full term. Though the EU referendum might cause a general election sooner rather than later. If the whip is removed and individual MP's have to vote with guidance from their local labour party. It will be interesting to see who falls by the political wayside. Because it is also going to be a logical extension and a good idea to be able to recall an MP and deselect. 

Once Corbyn is in place, we can have to look at where the party standing is. Then we will have to give serious thought to what is to be done about the non socialist 'sitting tenants'. MP's who will try and derail the move back to old labour values. The Ummuna, Hunt, Burnham, Cooper and Kendal plus their sycophantic acolytes.  Be aware that they hold deep Tory values and worship at the foot of Blair. We should encourage them to cross the floor and let the local party select socialists to stand in their place.

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