Thursday, 29 December 2011

Short Cruise.

We had a short one day cruise yesterday into Sheffield basin. We were in company with WB Tabularassa. The weather was warm and the sun was quite strong as we set out. However, the wind freshened up quite a bit so that by mid morning the wind chill had driven the temperature well down. We did the usual chores including a last of the season pump out and then returned back to the marina once more.

Trip Total
Distance 5.5 miles
Locks 4 locks
Swing / Lift Bridges 2
Tunnels 0
Pump-out 1

Rosie's Running Total
Distance 539.5 miles
Locks 544
Swing / Lift Bridges 91
Tunnels 6
Pump-outs 7

So what do we have to look forward to next year.

Brenda's Diamond Jubilee.
Yes, unfortunately Brenda has been on the throne for 60 years. Chuck and Camela are hoping that Brenda will throw in the towel.

The Olympics and Paralympics.
Yes, in the middle of a recession we throw billions at a two week sport fest. Hungry and homeless people on our streets. Thousand of people to lose their jobs. We have the Olympics.

Olympic Torch.
Olympic Flame will take a 70-day journey round the UK.

The London Mayor Elections.
Ken or Boris - Boris or Ken. Yawn.

The US presidential elections.

Pseudo experts talking rubbish.
"Experts fear that major events such as the Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will lead to a 'significant drop' in blood donations. NHS Blood and Transplant warned that a 'perfect storm' could be created in 2012 by special events, extra bank holidays and a bumper sporting calendar."

Its time to seriously plan our cruise for next year. All of the above reasons are so inspirational, I can't wait to start the engine and push off down the cut. 


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