Friday, 18 November 2011

Weired awareness of time.

A curious change has taken place in our lives. It started when we eventually retired and started to spend more and more time on the boat. We seem to have entered into a time zone where everything slows down. Things that happened just last week, now seem to us to have taken place a month before. I have to really think about events to get them into the right place in my time awareness. I'm not alone, the Memsahib is experiencing the same feelings. Everything has slowed down and our time awareness is all awry, its weired.

In our previous work time lifestyle, or our pre-retirement existence. We were very focused on time in minute detail. Everything was regimented, ordered and done to an exacting schedule, almost by the tick of the clock. Now, all that has gone away. There are no time constraints anymore. We have gone from being controlled by a clock and the day of the week. we now march to the beat of a calendar and the seasons of the year.

The biggest change for us is, there are no weekends. Our recreation time was once based around weekends now its based around nothing. That's the key because one of the things we used in the past as a measure our time awareness has gone forever. Most of the time we are not sure what day of the week it is and what's more we don't care. Our working life now seems to be so long ago but in reality is only a few short weeks.

Now I know what your thinking, "Mick made a few gallons of blackberry wine last year" But I assure you its not that. Now your thinking "Oh ho, they have been foraging for the magic mushrooms again." I admit we did a bit of bank side foraging on our last trip out. Well to be honest it was more apple scrumping than real foraging. But we did not do the mushroom foraging bit either.

Talking about foraging, there is a good site for those who would like to know a bit more of the self sufficiency lifestyle you will find it here. Its a bit like "The Good Life" meets "Gardeners World." You will have to "dig" around a bit to find the more interesting stuff for those of us with a waterways lifestyle.

Then to put it all in perspective, I came across this little item from those people living in the "Land of the free". You know the ones who like to go and bomb their neighbours country for thinking and living differently to them. A bit like us, but I digress.  It seems that breaking with convention, thinking differently and cultivating a garden - you're a bit of a subversive. In the land of the free, growing some of your own food can land you in jail.


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