Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fur and feather

It may have slipped by you, but I like dogs. What I don't like is dog owners! Well let me qualify that a bit. I don't like dog owners who diligently take care of what goes in at the pointed end. Then with the same diligence choose to ignore what comes out of the blunt end. 

Early in the year our local dog warden and poo patrol paid a visit to the local dog walking area. A few fines and some advice were administered to the errant owners. What was noticeable was that the guilty owners were not visiting the field anymore.

Yesterday, I came across a council groundsman walking on the local school playing field. He was busy removing the poo from a football pitch that was to be used in the afternoon. It seems that the old dog walking crew now congregate in a school bus turning area under the shelter. So that they can let their dogs go onto the pitch to do their business.  The bus turning area is on the public highway and so the poo mongers can congregate there on a morning and evening when the school is closed. I have had a word with the council and suggested that they might want to pay a visit to the school playing field area with special emphasis on the bus shelter area.

Poppy our three year old dog has been asking a few questions and like all three year old bipeds this quadruped wants to know "why do humans smell the flowers, but seldom, if ever, smell one another?" In a more serious moment she asked "If a Dog barks in the forest and no human hears her, is she still a bad Dog?" Abbey our twelve year old is much more practical, she only ever asks the one question. "Where is my dinner?"

Tonight its the "hunt ball" I know what you are thinking, if he loves the wildlife and countryside so much why is he going to the local hunt ball. A few years before the change in the law to regulate hunting with hounds. Our local hunt unilaterally decided that they would much prefer to do drag hunts than to chase after the foxes. They are a great bunch of riders who actually prefer showjumping to hunting anyway. They also know how to party!

So I shall be dusting off the dinner suit and doing my bit. The theme is "fur and feather" the Memsahib would like me to go dressed as a Turkey. However I am well aware of what happens to turkeys when they are "dressed" at this time of the year. So its Paxo to her as well!


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