Sunday, 25 September 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (5-7)

Sunday September 25th

Mill Bank Lock to Knottingley
Day 35

Mill Bank Lock moorings are another very nice place to moor, a tranquil and pleasant spot. The railway passes close to the moorings but the trains are very infrequent especially at the weekend. We woke to find that the pound was almost empty (down 5 feet). The last boat up in the previous evening through the Figure of Three Locks, was running late as it was getting dark. The boat is moored on the Dewsbury Arm at Savile Town Basin. (We know who you are) Being in a hurry they had left the ground paddles open on the top lock. We had to call out the BW emergency team to help us float off the bank side. However, some of the much needed water would now have to come out of the shallow Savile Town Arm. I expect they might find themselves a little short of water until BW can fix the lack of water problem.

The weather is supposed to start to get warmer today and remain so for at least a week, according to the long term weather forecast. Temperatures in the mid 80's are predicted! The forecast accuracy has been poor over the last month, so I am on a wait and see what happens frame of mind. Some sunshine would be most welcome after the dismal fortnight we have just had.

Rosie was moored in the lock by breakfast, whilst we waited for the levels to return towards normal. We were under-way by 10am, then it started to rain, it was only light but it was rain! We had rain several times during the day. It was 3:30 before the sun broke through and by then was quite low in the sky.

Our days cruise involved the last part of the Calder and Hebble until reaching Fall Ings Lock we joined the Aire Calder once more. The Memsahib obviously hated our heavy hard wood lock spike so much that she accidentally left it behind. Later in the afternoon when we reached Castleford Flood Lock we had completed our big ring cruise.

The Big Ring - Starting from Castleford on the Aire and Calder canal. Until joining the start of the Leeds Liverpool canal in Leeds. Cruising north until reaching Skipton. Then heading South until we joined the Bridgewater Canal on our way to Manchester. Leaving Manchester and climbing up the Rochdale Canal and passing over the summit before the long descent to join the Calder and Hebble. Then the circle was completed when we arrived back on the Aire and Calder and reached our starting point at Castleford once more.

Now we are moored in our favourite spot in Castleford for a few days whilst Rosie has some essential maintenance done on her. Before we can resume our Summer into Autumn cruise once more. In the evening the weather changed and it became cold and very windy. We also had several showers of rain. Due to the weather no bats detected.

Daily Total
Distance: 20 Miles.
Locks: 13
Swing / Lift Bridges: 1
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1942.9

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