Saturday, 24 September 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (5-6)

Saturday September 24th

Kirklees Top Lock to Mill Bank Lock Moorings
Day 34

The top lock is a very nice place to moor, a very tranquil and pleasant spot. This morning our smoke from the stove is slowly rising and drifting away in the still air. It was very quiet with only the faint far-away sounds of the motorway advertising civilisation. I took the dogs for their morning constitutional walk and then realised that the railway was not all that far away. The lines here must be continuous welded section as there is no clicker clack as the trains pass by.

As for the weather, I awoke to an almost clear sky and a heavy dew lay on the grass. Vapour trails from aircraft criss cross the blue sky. The night had been cold but there was no sign of any ground frost. The trees are now starting to make the changes for the autumn. The greens are now starting to pale towards yellow and will over the next few days and weeks turn to that burnished gold.

A few late foxgloves and Oxeye Daisy are still flowering and a Pheasant is calling like a faint klaxon from the near by trees where they will have roosted for the night. The Blackberries now seem to be past their best, having been well picked over by the people passing by. Now its the turn of the wildlife to glean a meal from what's left. Its good to just sit look and listen when all is well with the world.

We did a couple more locks with Nb Buttercup before we waved Paul and Shirley goodbye. As Nb Buttercup headed off onto the Huddersfield canal. A couple more friends that we have made along the cut.

The change of season almost coincides with the completion of the circle of our summer into autumn journey. In a few days we will be rejoining the Aire and Calder Navigation once again when we arrive at Fall Ings Lock.

We stopped at Lidl just before Shepley Bridge Lock and stocked up with whatever was left to stock up with! After an hour we were on our way again. The promising weather of the morning gave way to a dull overcast afternoon. But we did not get any rain.

As we were passing, we diverted up the Dewsbury Arm to Savile Town Basin. Winding in the winding hole and then retracing our way back to the main canal. This is a very shallow section of canal and we found it difficult to complete. Later we moored up just below Mill Bank Lock for the day.

Just after dark a Tawny Owl started calling in the trees near the boat. Off in the distance another Tawny was answering the calls. Later a Long Eared Owl was observed flying over the canal calling loudly.

Four Pipistrelle Bats were detected.

Daily Total
Distance: 8.5 Miles.
Locks: 9
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1934.7

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