Tuesday 7 June 2011

Urgent BW drought measures.

Its reputed to be the second-driest spring in 100 years and the warmest since 1659. This dry spell has made the ground concrete hard. I know because I was volunteered by the Memsahib to go and dig a couple of post holes and plant out some rhubarb.  In some areas the soil has not been so dry for 50 years. If the dry period continues, it is expected East Anglia will be declared officially in ‘drought’ and hosepipe bans will be imposed quite soon.

This got me cogitating about the BW sanitary stations.

Will BW be taking a lead from the previous drought measures implemented in 1976. When Dennis Howell was appointed as the "minister for drought".  1976 was the driest summer at that time for over 200 years. In a strange twist of fate only days later heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding. Howell was then made Minister of Floods. Additionally, during the harsh winter of 1978-79 he was appointed Minister for Snow. Howell would have done well on the board at BW in his fire fighting capacity.

I think in all fairness that BW are likely to react early with their own well thought out anti-drought measures. With the implementation of an imaginative mitigation process to reduce the impact of drought.  So that the effect on the environment is reduced as far as possible.

Here are the priority key points from the BW drought action plan.
  • Implement a hosepipe ban at all sanitary stations.
  • Pound lengths to be drained to stop evaporation.
  • The traditional BW key operated taps being replaced by key operated standpipes.
  • Drinking Water bowsers to be stationed alongside weirs.
  • Boats forced to share locks.
  • Boaters forced to share baths and showers.
  • Compulsory rain water butts to be installed on all craft.
  • Water meters on all sinks.
  • Buckby cans to be reintroduced. 
  • No filling of onboard swimming pools and hot tubs.
  • Immediate ban on water hoarding in bilge areas.
  • Flood warning system to be implemented in case of a change in the weather.
  • All leaking lock gates to be repaired in time for the next millennium.

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