Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blog Milestones.

Well, I have reached another couple of milestones with the blog. This is my 250th posting since starting the blog back on the 27th of December 2009. Here we are some 537 days later. That's almost one posting every two days. I imagined back in December 2009 that there would be very little interest in what I was doing.  The blog then was little more than a series of regular notes that I could refer back to.

I have always enjoyed putting pen to paper. After some 25 years working in academia it is only natural. I find that by researching  and writing about  a particular subject, I get a much better understanding for myself. This is of course the basic teaching model for students. Talk about an issue or topic. Send them off to the library to read and research about the issue or topic. Then get them to write about the issue or topic. Old habits I suppose.

The second milestone is that the blog as also had its 15,000 visitor. So 537 days after the 27th of December 2009, The average number of visitors a day is 27.9, now that is a real surprise. However, is is only 49 days since the 29th of April 2011 when the blog reached 10,000 visitors which is 102 visitors a day.

I have made a more concerted effort to vary the content a bit. Boating as a subject has plenty of people who are blogging about their day-to-day activities. For me I changed the content to offer more observations on life and at the same time injecting a large dose of wry humour and satire along the way. Being a technological nerd with a sense of humour is breaking away from the traditional stereotype of the twelve pen shirt pocket.

A new gadget has been purchased for use aboard Rosie. A small fold away rotary washing line. Small enough to be attached with a TV antenna clamp to the tiller arm. You could also set it up on its stand if you have some space on your mooring. At just under £17 each they are available from your local Lidl store.

Sturdy, lightweight aluminium construction – only 1.95kg
Ideal for boating, camping, balconies and patios
Quick and easy to assemble/disassemble
Top and base sections separate for easy storage
UV-, weather- and corrosion-resistant
Drying area approx. (m): 14
Size open approx. (cm): 145 x 152 x 152
2 year manufacturer’s warranty


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