Saturday, 9 April 2011

200 not out!

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather. I am doing a bit of outdoor DIY and taking advantage of the sunshine.  The temperature gauge is showing 22C at lunch time... Another hot day...

Well, It comes as something of a surprise to find that I have posted my 200th item into Rosies blog. I never realised how much I tripewrite these days. It's almost like a cricket score - but as I know little about the game, its hard for me to make comparisons.

I think that I am one of the rare breed of "Yorkshire Cricketing Numpty" because I find cricket a fascinating cure for insomnia. But not as enjoyable as several glasses of the malted falling down liquid.

The bit that I find even more surprising about Rosies blog is that the "topic juice" has never dried up. I put this down to reading more and more canal based materials and keeping a list of topic ideas that I pick-up along the way. A quick check shows that I have a further four posts ready for publishing and several more that are partly edited.

If I am not careful, I have a feeling that will be tempting fate on bloggers block.  Bloggers block is a form of brewers droop - that only effects bloggers.
The other thing that helps with the creativity is that I am happy to drift off the main topic and then to find a tenuous link back to boating to justify the inclusion in the blog.  The last posting "Caption Competition" seems to have tickled some peoples fancy. At the last check there were eleven entries from "Anonymous" he, she or they have been a bit busy.

Today's DIY is building a top box for Rosie so that we can keep the roof tidy and to give me somewhere to store the canvas and frame for the pram cover. I have chosen a size of six feet long by four feet wide and I have included a couple of internal, removable dividers.

The Memsahib is down in Birmingham again, (round trip by bus £7.50) visiting daughter (Dr Steph) to assist with the latest round of decorating her new flat. I volunteered to stay home and look after the dog - well someone has it to do.

Easter and the ceremonial unplugging of the electrical umbilical cord from the power point on the jetty  is drawing ever closer. Soon we will be starting Rosies engine in ernest and heading down the Tinsley flight of locks and making our bid for boating freedom.  Yipee.


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