Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More canal books.

More books for the Rosie bookshelf.

The credit card has taken a big hit and the bookshelf will soon be creaking even more under the weight of my latest purchase. Sticking to the theme, they are all canal orientated. So my reading matter is assured for the next few weeks.

Troubled Waters, author Margaret Cornish. ISBN 0947712259

The story of a scheme hatched by the government during the dark days of the second world war. by way of recruiting young girls to crew canal carrying boats whilst the menfolk were away fighting at the front. Troubled Waters chronicles the wartime experiences of Margaret Cornish as she became one of a select group of ladies known as "Idle Women".

The Quiet Waters By, author David Blagrove. ISBN 0947712356

Autobiography of a Boat Carrying Company operator in the 1960's. The book describes how the author left what might have been seen as an office bound job for the uncertain future as a member of a canal boat crew. Day to day descriptions of other boat people he met along the way. At the same time chronicling the changes he experienced in what was a significant downturn in the canal carrying business.

Bread upon the Waters, author David Blagrove. ISBN 097712275

The continuing autobiography of a Boat Carrying Company operator now turned Company Lock Keeper. The author gives some insight into the latter part of the commercial operations on the inland waterways. Recounting his experience of working as a lock keeper on the upper reaches of the River Thames.

Idle Women, author Susan Woolfitt. ISBN 0905366340

Another wartime adventure of working the canal boats along the inland waterways. The author recounts her experiences of the hard work experienced by the female boat crews. Whilst the menfolk referred to these volunteers as "Idle Women" the term carried some endearment and a grudging respect for the essential wartime work these hard working women were doing.

Maidens Trip, author Emma Smith. 9780747598961

A wartime adventure told by the author of her experiences of working on the canal boats. Emma as one of a select band of ladies who would be fondly known forever as the "Idle Women".

London's Lost Route to Portsmouth, author P.A.L. Vine. ISBN 1860772838

The story of the rise and rapid failure of the Portsmouth and Arundel Canal. Constructed between London and Portsmouth, the canal was a financial and management disaster in the making. Chronicling with hindsight the highs and lows of a project that was overtaken by the changing political and trading circumstances of London in the mid 1800's.


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