Monday, 15 November 2010

Poop - Poop

You may remember a while back we picked up a stray dog. We had the dog for around a month until she was re-homed. She was a very placid and gentle dog. Happy to make friends with our own dog Poppy and our venerable old cat Jasper. Usually each day, I would take my own dog Poppy and Bonnie into the local fields to exercise them both.

One of our neighbours (known to us as DSD the first two words are "Dog Shit") also has a Liver Springer Spaniel - which he tells everyone is a Cocker Spaniel. He obviously knows his dog breeds! He sometimes takes the dog onto the same fields, which we use. He has a couple of buddies who also turn up with their mongrel dogs. However, these three have one thing in common, they will just stand and wait whilst their dogs shit anywhere. They never ever clean up after them, choosing just to walk away. These three do not have a poop bag full or responsible dog ownership to share between themselves. Field, footpath and causeway are all acceptable latrines for their dogs.

So, one morning me and Mag's take the two dogs for a run, they are both happy chasing and retrieving a ball and generally having a good time. When who should appear but the Springer Cocker followed some time later by our neighbour Dog Shit D and his pals. He starts to have a rant at me about our dogs being off the lead. The fact that his dog is off the lead has no bearing on the matter. What's more he says "in our opinion the dogs are dangerous".  (Our - meaning his two buddies and himself) We think they both should be kept on a lead at all times.

Now I'm a pretty placid sort of chap - apart from when "dog shit" or "Dog Shit D" is involved. I take very seriously the responsibilities of dog ownership. That includes cleaning up after they have taken a dump. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather - so I suggested to him that he should go and fornicate somewhere else. But as I was now on a roll, I further suggested that before giving me any advice on responsible dog ownership. They should start with themselves picking up after their dogs. Dog Shit D was not best pleased and stormed off with his buddies in close formation.

Poppy has been trained from being a pup to pee and poo on command. So she will not do either until we are way from the footpath or causeway. The next day, there we are out on the field, taking some photographs of Bonnie and Poppy who are playing together. The photos were to be used to help re-home Bonnie.

Off in the distance, "Neanderthal Shit N", DSD's understudy and buddy, is stood watching his dog pile crap. A few moments later he comes storming across the field and says I hope you're not taking photo's of me. I said no, I was taking photographs of you and your dog. (In fact I did not take any photographs at the time) "If you have a photograph of me, I will shove that camera up your arse" he says. Oh says I, I suppose I will have to give you the opportunity to do it then. At this point, just like a typical bully, realising his bluff was called and he was on unsafe ground, he changes tack. Now Neanderthal Shit N becomes all friendly. So Mag's, always being helpful, offers him a poop bag to use. He throws it down and storms off. I don't know what it is, but you can't help some people.

Over the next week or so, I did manage to film all three of them and their dogs NOT being responsible owners. I hope sometime in the near future (after they have been put to good use) to put the films up on uTube so that everyone can share in the experience. What has changed however is, the people living round the field, have now made a number of complaints to the local council about the amount of dog shit being deposited. The poop warden is now taking keen interest, I bumped into him one morning. He had observed me exercising the dog and clearing up after her. He indicated that an "anonymous source" (DSD) had reported us directly for not clearing up. The warden was such a nice chap he even gave me a pack of free pooper scoop's. The three Dog Shit Amigos and their dogs are still stacking up the poop. I have that feeling that swift retribution is only just around the corner. I have the feeling that a certain person will provide a statement and the video evidence.  

Dog Shit D has just been out trumped - somehow it seems quite fitting!


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