Monday, 2 February 2015

Clap Trap

I have just had an interesting exchange with a boater on FarceBook who assets that 'heritage boat owners' are 'real boaters'.  There is some good old British 'clap trap' written from time to time. I'v done a fair bit of it myself - albeit tongue in cheek. However, let me give you an example by way of an illustration. An oft uttered phrase is 'real boaters'. This nonsense is typical of what I am on about. Because if there are real boaters then there must be, by direct implication, a second group of 'unreal boaters'. On reflection - I think I have met a few 'unreal boaters' - but that's the subject of another posting that I'm writing. 

Then there is the 'constant cruiser' denigrated by some, because they feel that such individuals are somehow cheating the system. Cheating because its assumed – wrongfully – that its unfair not to have a home mooring that the CCer would never use but have to pay for. How unfir can it be to pay for something you don't want, don't need and will never use! Even parliament went to great lengths to create this 'class' of boater despite at the time the orchestrated protestations of the then British Waterways Board. 

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