Saturday, 6 November 2010

It's a mans world.

The Memsahib is away again this weekend, helping daughter Steph to rebuild her flat. In the last few days it has undergone new windows and doors, new kitchen and bathroom, new central heating system, electrical re-wire, extensive wall and roof plastering and a new floor laid. So whist Mags and doctor Steph are enjoying a relaxing time. Me and the acting first mate "Poppy" (seen here playing peek-a-boo behind the tiller) have been abandoned to fend for ourselves. We have a whole pile of jobs to do - Including tightening of the TV antenna and an  anticipated struggle putting together a couple of solid fuel bunkers.  Why is it that a man and his work is seemingly never done?

Do you remember the Jack Russell that we rescued a few weeks ago - the one we found covered in pig excrement. The one that we took home and gave a good shower. Only to realise that we would also need a good shower as well. The dog that went from a uniform (and very smelly) dark brown colour and metamorphosed in the shower into a sweet smelling tan and white charmer. Well, Aileen's owner (a local game keeper) was so pleased to have her returned that he has repaid us by delivering a large trailer load of logs for the log burner at home. There is enough well seasoned timber to last us through this winter.


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