Thursday, 18 November 2010

Children in Need

Just a quick reminder that it is the BBC's Children in Need appeal time again.  I don't know about you but I do enjoy the slapstick like production. It always seems to be so much fun. Only thing I ever did, was to grow a full beard and then shave off the left hand side for sponsorship. Anyone who sponsored got a gift - a few whiskers wrapped up in sellotape. I did get extra sponsorship to keep it like that for three days.

T'was a busy day yesterday, when we bathed Jasper the venerable 27 year old and slightly smelly cat. We had to change the bath water three times. Jasper is quite happy to sit in the sink full of water, as long as it is warm. Jasper was encouraged to play in the bath as a kitten, playing with his toys in half an inch of water. So last night he had what we call his annual "skinny dip" have you ever noticed how skinny a cat is when it has been given a bath?

We swaddled him in warm towels and then gave him a good rub down. He then did a squatter and spent the night in Poppy's bed much to her chagrin. This morning we have a much sweeter smelling cat. The fun now begins, as this evening his first extended grooming session is planned. Now Jasper is quite laid back, until he spots the brush when at which point he turns into a nasty little gremlin.

We also managed to pay a flying visit to Rosie and we made a fire in the villager stove. But first we gave the boat a quick once over, just to check that all was well. Now that the season of frosts and mists is here we need to look seriously at winterising Rosie as soon as possible. We left her all nice and warm with the stove damped down. The fire will stay in for about 18 hours giving out a good bit of gentle heat from a single filling.

Today I am going back to put her front cratch cover in place as this will help to keep the inclement weather at bay. I shall be taking a container of fuel for the stove and we will try from now on to give her a good warm through a couple of times a week.

Spent some of the kids inheritance on a couple of those tubular greenhouse heaters which will be switched on and off by a couple of mains thermostats. This is our anti frost damage - back-up system.

We also bought a roll of bubble wrap to give an extra bit of insulation. The wrap is to be placed round the single glazed windows.


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