Thursday, 14 July 2011


Are you starting to think about moving off of your narrowboat and back onto the bank. Are you seeking that special bijou residence. A place where you can set up home without spending a small fortune on new furniture. Somewhere that you can still have that feeling of the snugness that comes with living aboard a narrow-boat.

Bijou property
I may have just the property for you. Complete with bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen - is just under 60inches wide. This home could get you on the property ladder in more ways than one.  because it is so narrow that the builders have abandoned a traditional staircase in favour of a ladder to the upper 3 floors. Each of the four storeys goes back nearly 40ft with a room on each floor of the apartment. The property is shoehorned into an alley between a tenement block and a tower block in Warsaw, Poland.

OK, are you looking for a property nearer to home?

The world's official narrowest house, The Wedge, on the island of Great Cumbrae off Scotland’s North Ayrshire coast, measures just 47 inches at the front - but spreads to 22ft as it moves back from the road.

Another house lacking width can be found in Brighton. The house owned by Iain and Rachel Boyle is only 6ft wide and 21ft from front to back. The couple, who run a publishing business, bought the building in the Hollingdean area of the city 13 years ago.They spent £15,000 turning it into a stylish pi├Ęd-a-terre and now rent it out.


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