Monday, 8 November 2010

Chateau Rose of Arden!

Update on the blackberries that we picked from around our moorings a few weeks ago.

The chateau "Rose of Arden" high quality home brew blackberry wine has now been filtered and bottled. With a specific gravity of 0.985 means that there is a good alcohol content. The three gallons of red went to make up 16 bottles. With a selection available from dry through to medium. The Memsahib who is the official wine taster on Rosie gave it a thumbs up. The bottles are currently stood on top of the kitchen cupboards whilst we free up some space.

The blackberry jam (6 litres) has had some time to stand, even if I say it myself, it has turned out as a first class batch. I have the odd round of toast in a morning with the jam smeared to a reasonable depth. Your definition of reasonable might be different to mine, 6/7 mm is in my opinion reasonable! I must give it a go in the local Women's Institute jam making competition. I could do a sneaky one and enter under a pseudonym as Michaela. We also have a good quantity of blackberries made into syrup (3 litres) for splashing on ice-cream. I can't understand why we always seem to have no ice-cream left in the fridge?

Done a bit of a clear up of the back garden. I filled a large wheelie bin jam packed full of dead leaves. That's the biggest problem with having a hedgerow as part of your property boundary. The autumn can create a great deal of extra work. However, the payback comes in the number and type of bird visitors we get especially in the autumn and winter months. I might have been better doing this last weekend, then I could have had a mini-bonfire of my own!

Bonfire night(s) this time seemed to be quite subdued events, well round here anyway. There are times of the year when I look forward to persistent rain. Bonfire night and the days leading up to it and for a few days afterwards are when I like to see it wet! The cats have to be kept indoors, however, the dog is quite indifferent to fireworks. But I can get a bit grumpy when some bright spark decides to let of a rocket with a loud bang at 3am. I guess it was the same person who did the same today at 03:45. I wonder if they will get grumpy after finding four flat tyres?

I came across a very interesting posting on the Narrowboat Buggerlugs blog. The posting is titled "grumpy-old-boatmen" and it is well worth a read. Now, if I was to write a grumpy-old-boatmen piece I would soon be up to the 100 plus things that make me grumpy.  I can grump for Great Britain. However, when collegues have asked, "Oh, did you wake up grumpy this morning then?" My usual reply is "no I prefer to let her sleep-in".

Must go and walk the dog.


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