Friday, 4 June 2010


I often wondered why whoever was in charge of a boat was often called "Skipper". It's the same with whoever is in charge of a cricket team, they are also known as "Skipper". Some Football and Rugby teams refer to the captain as "Skipper" as well. Then I found out that the boating term "Skipper" it was nothing to do with a command of nautical knowledge. It was more to do with the number of times the boat owner had not paid his BW licence dues.

Can I remind everyone that this week is British Waterways Safe Boating Week. So remember the first rule of boating safety. "Stay away from the water".

Always take precautions against the risk of falling overboard. The most important thing is your floatation safety device. There are many types. The wealthy narrow boat owner may want an expensive designer fashion life jacket; the middle-class day boat owner may prefer a more economical inflatable vest. However, the poor cruiser tupperware owner can simply carry a plastic duck under each arm.

Well, at last the time to take over ownership of our new boat is at hand. Our investments have been cashed, bids have been made on BW moorings and insurance quotes are starting to arrive in the post. The bank balance is looking rather healthy and all is good in the world. We both need to push ahead with the inland helmsman course for us in the near future. If only that a discount is available for having such a qualification. However, it will give us both a certain standard to achieve before we go off to explore any further afield.

We went down to Crick last Monday for the Boat Show and Waterways Festival, generally we had a good time. We made a few purchases included some additional mooring pins. A raincoat for Poppy the dog so she can stay on deck when the weather gets a bit rough. Plus even more reading material just to keep me happy.

We did not enter Poppy in the Crick Festival, Dog Show as we thought it only fair to give the others a fair chance. However, the ‘Favourite Boat of the Show Award for 2010’, was won by Oak Apple, built by Barn Owl Narrowboats.


Just had the official email, our bid for a much coveted British Waterways mooring was successful. The general tenure of the very select mooring is about to take a nose dive. Bring it on!!!!

eBay continues to provide some additional safety equipment for the new boat. In the form of an anchor and chain with a good length of rope attached. Our first trip back to base will be along the River Trent. I have also purchased a VHF radio so that we can monitor the marine radio frequencies.


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