Sunday, 7 February 2010

Life is like that.

Looking out of the window - its a "cold and overcast" day. Bit like me at the moment. I had feedback yesterday about my application to retire early. You have possibly guessed already, the answer was in the negative. This is a bit curious as there are two of us, that are essentially doing just one persons work. A few years ago our two teams were merged together forming something that resembles the oxymoron "marital bliss". This understandably creates a bit of confusion within the wider team that we both manage. I want to go and sail off into the blood red sunset (occasionally seen between showers of rain) over the canals. Whilst at the same time my "oppo" wants to stay on.

I have always been somewhat lucky in life he says as he sit here at the computer quietly humming to himself, "Regrets, I have had a few, but there again too few to mention." It seems that whenever something has gone wrong or not worked out. It has always turned out to be for the best. So, I have come to expect that the same will happen again and again. There is some hope all is not lost. This is because we are in the middle of the latest bi-annual (four in the last 8 years) business re-organisations. I expect that I will have been ear marked as usual for nothing in particular. So I shall studiously make myself a very disposable member of staff. Roll on the summer, which is a time when the dust finally settles on reorganisation and the chance to leave early will come around again.

Today, we are off to look at a boat near Doncaster. However, because everything is on the back-burner I am having a great deal of difficulty containing my indifference. We had both expressed a wish to view the boat before the good news messenger arrived. So as a salve to one of life's little disappointments, we will make the trip anyway. I shall buy SWMBO lunch and Poppy will get a chance to walk the towpath.

I have the instant antidote to the doldrums, "Narrow Dog to Carcassonne" by Terry Darlington is on my bedside table. I read out aloud the first few pages. Mag's was soon chuckling  as "Brynula Great Expectations or as was suggested Boney Maroney" thereafter to be known as "Jim" was named. Maybe it's time to read it again.

Time for breakfast....

Later..... The boat was actually in excellent condition. The owner fit-out was done using re-cycled solid oak timber, that had been reclaimed from a school gymnasium floor. It also had solid mahogany doors throughout. We would make some changes to the decoration. But the boat would be more than good enough for the first voyage over the summer.

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