Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Summer Cruise 2017 ❶❹

Summer Cruise 2017 (14)
Salthouse Dock Liverpool
Date:  3-8/08/2017
The weather in Liverpool has been quite changeable from rain, wind and sometimes hot sunshine - I suppose its a typical British summer. Memories of Liverpool will always be of the sunshine. While we are attending a wedding function it was however, time to catch up some outstanding maintenance tasks that need to be carried out.

1) Maintenance of the solar panel system. This required remounting of the panels and re-cabling the system to the controller and then into the battery bank.

2) The leisure battery bank finally gave up the ghost and I found some Exide RE550 115ah at a good price. Which were delivered right to the boat. Changing over the batteries should be a straightforward task. However its a tight engine hole and a confined space in which to work.

3) Now we have given the paintwork a good clean and a bit of a shine. Plus the usual touch up of any knocks, scrapes and chips. While there is a myth that boating is a contact sport the reality is, boating is not a sport its a way of life. So don't knock it.

4) An oil and filter change is due and I have some of the materials to hand. However the boat is OK for another 30 engine hours.

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