Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pet Passport

We have a Pet passport that we use every year for EU travel. Our dog Poppy is a seasoned traveller and is now due for her first rabies booster. I thought it might be useful information for anyone else thinking of taking a pet abroad.  So first of all, it's only cats, dogs and ferrets that have to have a EU pet passport and strictly speaking they only apply to travel to and from the rest of the EU.

There are other countries that have accepted the EU pet passports regime. The full up-to-date lists are on the Government's website.
Take your pet to an issuing vet with its existing vaccination and health records. Your pet will need to have already been chipped and then vaccinated against rabies. You must also keep the vaccinations updated

If your pet has any vaccinations or treatment abroad, make sure the vet enters those details into the passport too. This is most likely going to be when treating a dog for tapeworms, which is compulsory when returning to the UK from all countries except Finland, Norway, Ireland or Malta.

It's worth pointing out that all dogs born since April 2016 have to be chipped before they are two months old anyway. So make sure it's right! If something isn't right, your pet could be placed into quarantine when you re-enter the UK, so it's worth double-checking everything.

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