Saturday, 6 February 2016

Spanish News for the English (7)

The 'Spanish News for the English' 2016 is a tongue in cheek service, in support of European Multiculturalism for English Pensionistas (pensioners) Pensionistas who are considering a different type of winter break. This time as an alternative to the more usual break of an ankle, leg or arm due to the inclement UK weather.

Dateline La Palma:

Fiesta 'Los Indianos,' or Festival of the Indians, is a Carnival which sees thousands of the 'Palmeros' all dressed in white take to the streets. In what looks something similar to the 'festival of colours in India. The towns folk seem to be going crazy and chucking talcum powder at each other for hours on end. The fiesta’s name refers to the Canarian migrants who sought a better life in Latin America in the 19th century. Its a throwback to the way they were greeted warmly on their return to the island of La Palma. As for the talcum tossing, it's thought to be linked to the disinfectant powder sprinkled on the travellers to avoid the spread of disease.

Dateline Baza:

The filthy festival which really lives up to its name takes place in the town of Baza every year in September. When locals from the Andalusian village re-enact a medieval dispute with their neighbours from the town of Guadix. They do this by covering their bodies in oil and grease and pelting “intruders” with paint and eggs. The term 'intruders' seems to apply equally to anyone from Guadix, Baza or anywhere else, who just happen to be around at the time.

Dateline Bilbao:
Bilbao is a large city, however it lives up to the wonderful wacky and weird reputation of the Spanish and especially their festivals. The 'Bilboko Aste Nagusia,' or the ‘Big Week’ festival. A special time when Bilbao goes bonkers with the 'Big Week' festival which lasts for the standard maƱana week which is nine days long! This event includes everything from a strong man competition to high profile music concerts and fireworks displays. Our favourite part of the fiesta is however, the Ugly Festival which sees people vying to pull the most revolting face possible. This is another British tradition of face pulling usually framed through a toilet seat. 'Gurning' which seems to have made its way across the Bay of Biscay.

Caveat: Due to language difficulties and the unavailability of translation services. There may be one or two small inaccuracies in the news provided.

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