Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Weather, Self Awareness and Ideas.

Well as the weather has entered the usual and predictable bank holiday rainstorms. These are the weather systems that come to us on the 'Atlantic Conveyor Belt' and are the left over remnants from our cousins in North America. Which to be fair are beloved of all right minded 'Webb Footed' English folk. 

So, I have been keeping myself amused by watching the drops run down the windows and I have been following the advice in a book on 'self awareness'. Its a bit hard going even in the early chapters.  But the one thing that has come to the fore. If you don’t understand what introspection is. You need to go away and take a long, hard look at yourself first.

I have had yet another great idea, it came to me when I was sitting in the (Benghazi Khazi) smallest room. Its to print a sudoku square on each sheet of toilet paper. Just so you can give yourself a mental boost while doing your own thing. A bit better than using the Daily Mail which is another form of toilet paper that is already full of shit. 

But I digress.

I have worked out how to fill it in by using number 1s and number 2s. But I'm not sure about the other numbers. However, its better than working it out with a pencil, so to speak as I am busy working on a marketing strategy for the dragons den. I do hope its not going to be a flash in the pan.

Like all couples we have had our ups and we have had a fair few downs. We have even had a few side by sides come to think about it. But I digress, we went today to consult with one of those 'relate marriage guidance counsellors'. To be honest, she took me by surprise, because she was extremely forthright in offering her advice. To cut a long story short. I could not believe my ears when she suggested that we should both go away and enjoy a dirty weekend. She said it would help to add a bit of spice to what had become something of a sedentary lifestyle. Whilst on further reflection I think its a very nice idea. However, I had to turn down the suggestion. She really shouldn't have propositioned me in front of the Memsahib.

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