Sunday, 23 August 2015

Old Working Boats

We moored up a bit earlier than we had intended at 'Black Jack Lock' on the Grand Union canal. The weather was a returning to the typical British Summer. It started with bright sunshine, turned to light rain. Then it steadily became heavier. So the skipper decided to 'weigh anchor' and at 15kg minus the chain and warp, I thought its time to moor up.

No sooner had we moored up that the weather changed again for the better. But being somewhat sceptical of the British Weather gods and their propensity to be fickle. I did not throw off the ropes to go cruising a bit further. I decide to take the dog for a walk, we usually look for a bit of open grassland where we can throw the ball for her to fetch. It provides some good exercise.

I started walking up the towpath to meet with two young ladies.  They had a small white dog with them (Robin) who had been following them for a while. I took over control of him so that thye could get away. Looking at his coller - there was a tag with a phone number. Ringing the number it turns out that Robin is a boat dog. He was soon reunited with his owners who said they thought he was making his way back to Cassiobury Park where he had just spent the weekend chasing rabbits.

So me and Pops (Poppy) set off again for our walk along the towpath. We came to a foot path which we decided to take. Because the number of cyclists on the towpath splashing through rainwater filled, mud pits was proving to be a pain in the rectum.  We were following a watercourse and pops was checking out the wildlife. She is not bothered for ducks, but she has more interest in reducing the Rat and Mink population. 

We were not having much joy in finding a bit of grass for me to exercise her on but we did come to an old boatyard called Troy Wharf. There was a refurbished old workboat and another one on the stocks being refurbished. So I took a few photographs.


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